Welcome to the Chair of Educational Psychology                              

As a branch of psychology, Educational Psychology deals with the analysis of experience and behaviour in education and learning contexts.

The team of the Chair of Educational Psychology focuses its research work on motivational and cognitive processes in learning and teaching. In particular, we are interested in the meaning of social context factors in motivational and cognitive processes in child raising and educational settings. More information about our current research work can be found under "Research".

In the Psychological degree programs the chair is responsible for Educational Psychology and Educational Science.
Thus, the chair is involved in the teaching of students for the degrees "Magister" in Educational Science, Diploma in "Psychology", Social Sciences and Business and Economics Education, for students doing supplementary studies for the teaching degree for secondary schools, B.Sc. Psychology and BA Politics, Sociology/ Business and Economics Education. More information about special courses, exams and examination modalities, as well as information on further assistance in case of questions etc. can be found under the heading "Teaching".

Information about individual employees, office hours, e-mail addresses and phone numbers can be found under "Team".